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Fast Shipping!
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Waterproof Pouch 3 Pack, 3 Sizes with Self-Sealing Velcro Closure

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Product Description

Waterproof Pouch 3 Pack, 3 Sizes with Self-Sealing Velcro Closure


Made from heavyweight, durable vinyl with a self-sealing velcro closure to keep your wallet, maps and other important items dry. Also can be used to keep wet items such as wash cloths away from dry clothes. This 3 pack contains 3 pouches in three sizes, all with attached security cord.

If you have ever been camping, hiking, canoeing, done a sport that involves you being exposed to water, then you will know how infuriating it is to get where you are going, only to discover that your kit is wet. These waterproof protective pouches are the answer to these wet and soggy problems.

These waterproof pouches are extremely versatile and ideal for use storing your mobile, car keys, maps, money, pictures and wallet or anything else you want to keep dry, when you are up a hill, or out and about in general. Here are the details:

Water-tight, Translucent PVC Bag
Protection for Documents & Perishables
Secure folding velcro closure
Highly Visible Yellow Top
Neck Cord

Ideal for boating, canoeing, camping and as part of your survival kit for most other outdoors pursuits

To use these waterproof gear storage pouches, you put your contents inside then fold the top over twice to provide the waterproof seal then close the pouch with the velcro to make sure water doesn't get in or out. Opening them is the reverse, but make sure you open the velcro closure from the middle, not the side.

3-pack contains the following:

(1) Large Waterproof Pouch Size: 10.5" x 13.5"
(1) Medium Waterproof Pouch Size: 7" x 10"
(1) Small Waterproof Pouch Size: 5" x 7"