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Fast Shipping!
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U-Dig-it Stainless Steel Folding Hand Shovel

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Product Description

The all stainless steel "u-dig-it folding hand shovel" a big step up from the ubiquitous plastic backpacker's trowel, weight (6 oz., plus the included ballistic nylon belt case). The handle of the u-dig-it folds into the blade for compact storage, 5 3/4 x 2 1/2 x 7/8 inches maximum This is a very sturdy hand trowel that will stand up to a lot of punishment, just what you want for survival use. this is a substantially better tool than the plastic trowel and the Rolls Royce of trowels. A Must For

* Prospectors * Hunters * Boaters * Gardeners * Campers * Scouters * Pet Owners * Hikers * Fishermen * Rockhounders * Skiers

Some suggested uses:

Clearing rocks and debris from tent/sleeping area.

Digging a small campfire pit, then use it to clean up the campsite.

Trail maintenance - such as filling holes, diverting washouts.

Survival situations as needed - use as a reflector for signaling.