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Fast Shipping!
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Seattle Sports Eco-Friendly 4 Gal. Outdoor Solar Camp Shower

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Product Description

Seattle Sports Eco-Friendly Outdoor Solar Camp Shower - 4 Gallon

Packable PVC-Free Solar Camp Shower. Solar camp shower built with eco-friendly PVC-Free materials.

The amenities of home in the outdoors. Great for campers, boaters or hunters. Enjoy a warm shower in the wilderness with this lightweight and packable four-gallon solar-heated shower.

PVC-Free Solar Shower offers the same great performance as Seattle Sports regular Camp Shower, but is built with eco-friendlier PVC-Free materials. Built with the same material as the Aqua ERA dry bags, you can bask in the warm water and ecological peace of mind, with materials that are Chorine Free, Azo Free, cause no dioxin, heavy metal or phthalate pollution in production, produce H20 and CO2 when burned. release no chlorine-based chemicals throughout lifespan.

Just simply roll up shower after use for easy and compact storage. It's an ideal product for camping, fishing, beach fun, sailing, or on your next hiking trip! An ultimate outdoor shower experience with a solar heated shower! Absorbs energy from the sun to create a hot shower. Solar Camp Shower, simply roll up after use for easy storage.

A portable solar heated sun shower provides a refreshing relief when camping, fishing, surfing, hiking, outdoor adventures, off-road, contruction work, expedtions, etc. Lightweight camping shower is heated by the sun to offer an outdoor shower anytime, anywhere!

Heats up by direct sunlight exposure!

Use these Portable Solar Showers for camping, fishing, kayaking, off-road adventures, boating, beach fun, or on your next hiking trip! Hot water at your convenience!

PVC-free black PEVA water reservoir is heavy duty yet lightweight for easy packing.
Black color absorbs heat to warm water in approximately three hours.
4 gallon capacity equals 6 minutes of nonstop shower time.
Push-pull valve on hose is easy to use, allowing you to turn water off quickly.
Sturdy plastic handle offers convenient toting and durability; hanging strap is adjustable.
Great for family campers, boaters and hunters.

Dimensions: 24.5" x 17".
Weight: 1 lbs.

Note: If you intend to use the Sun Shower in colder climates, the 2.5-gallon size will heat up faster.


A solar camping shower is a very simple device that allows you to have a hot shower at the end of the day. As long as there is a steady supply of sunshine, the bag (solar sun shower) containing the water will heat up.

This is more efficient when the air temperature is higher, since there will be less heat loss from the bag.

Sunlight strikes the surface of the bag (solar sun shower) containing the water. The surface will be matt (not shiny) so that as little light is reflected as possible. The Solar sun shower may be black or an absorbent material that lets most of the light be absorbed.

The light, once absorbed, is turned into heat and that heat is transferred to the water. This process will continue as long as sunlight is falling on the bag. Because water has a high specific heat value (meaning it stores a lot of heat per gram) it holds the heat well. This means that the water in the bag ( solar sun shower) will stay warm even after the sun has stopped shining on it.

This is a great way to harvest the sun's energy without any pollution at all. It allows us to have the luxury of a warm shower even when we are miles from any powered water source and have no heating source other than a bright sunny day. Most of these portable solar heated showers can be rolled or folded to fix hikers backpacks or camping supply storage containers.

These portable sun-heated showers are not expensive to purchase and will always be available from our online emergency preparedness, camping and outdoor supplies store.