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Fast Shipping!
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Deluxe Loom Woven Wool Blend Blanket

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Most orders ship within 24 hours

Product Description

These beautiful Warm, wool blankets are a perfect choice for homeless shelters, disaster & humanitarian relief, correctional facilities and institutions. Our flame retardant blankets are shipped direct from our blanket mill to your location. Wool blankets are warm & economical. All our wool blankets are in stock for prompt delivery. Wool is the warmest fiber available and perfect for all your blanket needs.

Why Wool? In addition to it’s warmth and durability, there are many unique and important characteristics that set Wool apart from other fibers. Wool is inherently flame retardant, and it won’t melt, but these blankets are not certified or tagged as flame retartant. Unlike other fibers that are used for bedding, wool can be made so that it will never burn. Wool helps to regulate body temperature. Its thermostatic properties protect the body from both cold and heat.

Wool is hygroscopic. Wool is able to absorb humidity deep within the fiber, a feature that helps to regulate and absorb moisture on the skin’s surface. Wool is a natural insulator. Its natural crimp and elasticity gives woolen bedding the ability to “store” air and create a perfect insulation layer which helps the body maintain its ideal temperature.

Wool contributes to good health. It is the only fiber that is able to neutralize many kinds of acids and chemical bases, a feature which prevents “nightly reintoxication,” a common source of germs and sleeplessness. Wool contributes to a more restful sleep. Recent studies indicate that the incidence of irregular heart rate and disturbed sleep patterns increases when both the humidity and the temperature are consistently higher. Wool’s natural ability to absorb and transmit water vapor is of unique importance in maintaining Thermophysiological Comfort, a state in which the individual is free from thermal strain.

This deluxe Blanket is flame retardant, over-locked stitched on all sides, our woven blanket offers a more durable blanket.

Blankets should be laundered prior to use to remove residual odor caused by the manufacturing process. We recommend adding clothes softeners to reduce lint.


Measures 66” x 84”
weighs approximately 3.75 lbs
Color: Burgundy, Green
Material: 80% Wool, 20% Synthetic Fibers

Wool Comforter
Disaster Relief
Shelter Blanket
Throw Blanket
Beach Blanket
Blanket Sleepers
Stadium Blanket
Outdoor Blanket
Fire Retardant Blanket
Picnic Blanket
Sport Blanket
and many many more!