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Fast Shipping!
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Little John Portable Urinal w/Female Urinary Director Adapter

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Product Description

A convenient, spill-proof portable urinal that can also be used for motion sickness. Cap screws on tightly to prevent spills. Constructed of durable plastic and is reusable. Used in hospitals for years. Stop worrying about finding a restroom when you travel. Keeping a portable urinal in your car means you won't be forced to use dirty or deserted rest stops when nature calls at inconvenient times. Can be a real lifesaver if you're stuck in traffic! Holds 32 oz. and can be used with the Lady J Adapter. The ultimate porta-potty.

Who Needs "Little John"?

Anybody who owns or uses a car, truck, boat, camper or airplane.

Little John Portable Urinal with Female Adapter

Keep this handheld urinal with you for emergencies on the trail or in the comfort of the tent on frigid nights. This portable, plastic urinal is a welcome sight when you can't get to a washroom. Convenient for travellers, campers, the elderly during the middle of the night, and those convalescing or in a wheelchair. It has unbreakable plastic construction and a spill-proof cap is included for an extra measure of protection. The fabulous LITTLE JOHN portable urinal, unbreakable plastic, with spill proof cap. Ideal for every person on the go, disabled or bedridden patients, when restroom facilities just aren't available. No more unscheduled plane landings, hoping for open gas stations, or lasting out "next rest stop" signs.

Portable urinal with female adapter and cap. Can be used bedside, in the car or private office, handhold provided for maximum control. Perfect for those long car trips or camping trips and for bed. The Little John Portable Urinal is compact, reuseable, durable, odorless, spillproof and tip proof. Screw on cap.

Female urinary director adapter is a portable, unbreakable plastic urinary director for every woman on the go. This solves the problems of restroom facilities that are either unsanitary, poorly maintained or just plain unavailable. The director spout actually lets women get relief while standing. Just press the director in place and go. No undressing, no balancing act, it is also ideal for women in the late stages of pregnancy, disabled or bedridden, and has been used successfully by girls as young as three years old. Comes supplied with the LITTLE JOHN portable unit.

Dimensions: 10.5" x 5"
Capacity: Holds 32 oz.
Made of odor proof plastic
Color: Red w/white screw cap, tan female adapter