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Fast Shipping!
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Nighthawk Carbon Monoxide and Explosive Gas Alarm, Model 900-0113

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Product Description

Nighthawk Carbon Monoxide and Explosive Gas Alarm New CO and explosive gas alarm protects you and your family from two deadly threats. Sleek design fits conveniently into any standard wall outlet.

Works during power outages when used with a 9V battery

Install as a direct plug-in, as a table top unit, as a wall mounted unit. Hardware included

Alarm warns before gas reaches explosive levels in area near unit

Protection from Two Threats
Advanced alarm detects both carbon monoxide and explosive
gas - Natural Gas (Methane), and Propane.

AC Plug with Hide-A-Way Cord Allows direct or remote plug-in with battery back-up.

Digital Readout of CO Level Continuous read out of measured CO values from 30-999 ppm.

Updated digital reading every 15 seconds and lets you see if CO levels change

Test/reset button allows you to immediately silence alarm and test electronics

Loud 85 Decibel Alarm Alerts you if CO or explosive gas levels become dangerous.

Part: 900-0113
Size: 7.25"W x 1.75"D x 11" H

How many carbon monoxide detectors should you have and where should you place them? The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends a detector on each floor of a residence. At a minimum, a single detector should be placed on each sleeping floor with an additional detector in the area of any major gas burning appliances such as a furnace or water heater. Installation in these areas ensures rapid detection of any potentially malfunctioning appliances and the ability to hear the alarm from all sleeping areas. Consult the manufacturers installation instructions for proper placement of a detector within a given area. In general, carbon monoxide detectors should be placed high (near the ceiling) for most effective use.