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Fast Shipping!
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MXZ Pocket Saw, The High-Tech Survival Saw Cuts Through Most Anything!

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Product Description

MXZ Pocket Saw As Seen ON TV

The little high tech saw that's big on toughness! A Home Improvement Tool and outdoor survival item. A handy pocket saw tool to Make Your Life Easier and More Enjoyable.

The MXZ Saw has a carbide grip blade that never needs sharpening because it never gets dull. No more switching saws to do one job! The saw blades on the MXZ saw never get dull!

MXZ ô Pocket Saw. Tough, high-tech adjustable folding saw cuts through hardwood, solid steel, glass brick,floor tile, wall tile, and hard rubber, copper pipe, most anything with a 6" long carbon steel blade that never needs sharpening because it never dulls!Great for any project, it locks at angles for hard to reach places and folsto store in cabinets. Rust resistant. 12" long open; 7" long closed.

The MXZ Saw even locks at an angle for those hard to reach places and conveniently folds and fits in cabinets, unlike traditional saws.

No need to waste your money on different types of saws, get the MXZ Saw for all your home improvement jobs!

This is very same saw that you have seen on all of those comercials on TV. I am sure that you have heard people talking about this little saw. I would even bet that each and every constant that has every been on Survivor, would have loved to bought this saw and taken it with them.

MXZ Saw, The MXZ Saw is the little saw for big tough jobs! The carbide edge never needs sharpening, and can cut hardwood, steel, glass bottles, bricks, tile, rubber, pipes and anything else you can think of! MXZ Saw locks at many angled positions, yet conveniently folds to fit in cabinets, or in your pocket! Donít waste money on saws, saws, and more saws, get the MXZ Saw for all your jobs!

This is one of the most handy little tools that you could every buy. Put one in your toolbox, glovebox, or desk drawer. You never know when it will come in handy. It is even small enough to carry in your pocket when you are hiking, camping, or just working around the house.

Because of the abrasive nature of the tool, as opposed to the dozens of alternating sharp edges on a normal saw, the cutting edge is as safe on skin as sandpaper.

Saws Through:

Cinder Block
Wall & Floor Tile
& More