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eGear Hands-Free LED Ear Lite

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Product Description

The eGear Ear Lite can easily be adjust up or down to your desired angle. It has a one-size fits all, ergonomic shape that fits snuggly behind your ear and offers a soft, inner surface for comfort next to your ear. The LED light never needs replacement.

The LED Ear Light is perfect for reading, close-up work, or illuminating those hard to reach spots. The Ear Light is compact, water-resistant, and lightweight. An energy efficient white LED bulb provides an extremely bright, white beam of light that is safe to operate and cool to the touch. The LED bulb is unbreakable and never needs replacing.

A unique magnifier lens provides a focused beam which concentrates the light for precise lighting. Plus the lens is adjustable and swivels up and down to direct the light where you need it. The Ear Light is so comfortable you hardly know it's there. It's ergonomic shape fits snugly behind the ear and there's a soft padded surface next to the ear. One size fits all.

When you finally get to curl up with a good book in bed (but don't want to disturb your bed partner), you don't need the hassle of dealing with those clunky book lights that keep sliding off the book (especially if you're reading a paperback). And flashlights, while important to own in case of an emergency, leave you with the use of only one hand. Finally, a solution has come along for all your lighting needs: The Ear Lite! This little device simply slips over your ear and transmits a LED beam in a high, medium, or low setting. Your hands are free to hold a book, find a screwdriver, or recover your contact lens from under the baby's crib.

This is a fully assembled module. Simply sits on your ear similar to headphones. Flip the switch and a surprisingly powerful beam of LED light blasts out at whatever you look at. It can be adjusted in any direction by a few degrees. Runs on 2 x CR2016 3V lithium batteries, which are included. Works well, and is tiny and comfortable. Your handsfree solution for blackouts. Lightweight plastic with metallic silver finish and black ear clip.

This is a totally practical light that is also great as an accessory. This super-bright white LED light fits right around your ear, is ultra light and comfortable, and swivels in all directions to focus light right where you want it. Great for working on computers, in the garage, or reading, as it points light right where you are looking.


eGear Ear Light can be easily adjusted up or down to desired angle One-size-fits-all, ergonomic shape fits snugly behind ear. Soft, padded inner surface for comfort. Easy to change batteries


Size: 2" wide x 2" high x 1.5" thick
Weight: 1 oz with batteries
Battery Type: 2 3V CR-2016 Lithium Coin Cell
Burn Time: 18 hrs