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Fast Shipping!
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GE Security AccessPoint Locking Stor-A-Key Key Case, Gray

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Product Description

Never be locked out of your home or car again. The Locking Stor-A-Key is a secure key holder that lets you hide your house or car key in a discreet spot for emergency access or just as a spare. Attach this key holder in any convenient location: Its powerful magnet will adhere to a wheel well or magnetic grill cover and it also comes with adhesive tape to hold it in place anywhere. A user-settable combination lock adds security to the standard hide-a-key system for added peace of mind. This extra-large container holds most auto and home keys and it's even weather resistant. This device is also available in a portable version. If you don't need the added security of a combination lock a simple magnetic Stor-A-Key is also available. For maximum security mount the Digital KeySafe in a convenient location. This key storage device requires that a digital PIN be entered to release your key.

The Locking Stor-A-Key is popular with consumers who desire an extra level of deterrence when hiding their spare keys. This unique locking key storage case is an attractive option for safely storing keys in a variety of locations. Attaches to almost any surface using a magnet or adhesive tape provided. An affordable, simple key case with a powerful magnet along with a resettable combination lock. Stor-A-Key can be used for emergency access to vehicles or in your home. Weather resistant plastic will not rust. Foam insert and strap keeps key in place.

Changeable combination with a total of 1000 possible combinations
Equipped with a magnet and a metal plate with adhesive pad
Withstands rain and snow and freezing conditions
Easy to operate with one hand
Protective lock cover
Store a car key up to 3 inches long by 1.5 inches wide by 0.10 inches thick
Removable foam insert
Attachment point for a lanyard or zip tie

Color: Charcoal Gray
Material: Plastic/Metal
Outside Dimensions: 3.25" x 2.25" x.75"
Usable Dimensions 3" x 1-3/8" x .5"

Sizing Disclaimer: While our key boxes and cases hold most all key sizes this will not be the case with some keys such as larger/wider smart keys and European vehicle keys. It is the responsibility of the buyer to inquire about specific sizing prior to ordering.