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Fast Shipping!
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Commercial Buildings Furniture & Equipment Earthquake Fastening Cable Strap Kit for Metal Studs

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Product Description

Furniture & Equipment Earthquake Fastening Cable Strap Kit for Metal Studs - Commercial Buildings

Ultimate Safety item for Home and Business Disaster and Earthquake Preparedness!

Secure Quick provides the strongest system of appliance and equipment securing available. We utilize custom designed steel seismic cable harness assemblies.

Earthquake safety fastener kit for small appliances and equipment. Essential to help protect life in the event of small to mega "catatrophic" earthquakes. Made to last a lifetime. All Metal cables and mounting fasteners - Better than plastic or peel & stick fasteners. These heavy duty earthquake preparedness restaint kits can be installed in minutes without a professional installer. During a seismic event small appliances and equipment can become airborn or move violently and can inflict severe possibly life-threatening damage. All homes and businesses in earthquake regions throughout the U.S. should take immediate precautionary measures to protect themselves, loved ones and employees from unsecured furniture, appliances and equipment.

All materials used are made of industrial grade steel for maximum strength and durability. Secure Quick harnesses are designed to be concealed from behind, underneath, and/or inside any item. Secure Quick harnesses can be conveniently disengaged for cleaning, moving, or servicing of equipment and furniture. Steel braces are mounted to studs (wood or metal) located inside walls or to partition structures for maximum strength.

Keep appliances and equipment from falling in disasters. Holds up to 50 lbs. Adjustable for when you want to move item. 2 cable assemblies per package. Secures 1 item up to 24" wide or 2 small items less than 16" wide.

Secures microwaves, medical and lab equipment, school equipment, other appliances or small machinery to walls, tabletops, shelves, or equipment racks. Completely concealed restraint system. Easy to un-fasten and re-fasten without reinstalling when equipment cleaning is required.

When using the Secure Quick system keep the cables concealed from view by mounting in locations which will allow maximum strength. Cables should always be placed onto the main interior structure of the item being secured. Always attach wall brackets directly to studs located inside of walls.

Secure Quick Is Always The Professionals Choice.
Don't Be Fooled By Plastic or Nylon Peel & Stick Fasteners.

Earthquake fastening kit includes complete instructions and mounting hardware. Use of a stud finder is highly recommened for locating wood studs.

Earthquake Fastener kit for:

Small Appliances
Audio/Video Equipment
Small Industrial Equipment

Use For:

Day Care Centers
Labs/Doctor Offices
Retirement Homes
Industrial Buildings
Office Buildings