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Fast Shipping!
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First Need® XL Portable Water Purifier

Price: $119.00

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Product Description

The First Need XL water purifier delivers convenient chemical-free water purification for outdoor adventures and international travel. Unique Structured Matrix 3-stage purification technology provides natural and ecological removal of contaminants down to 0.1 micron, including giardia and cryptosporidia.

The First Need XL Water Purifier replaces the First Need Deluxe water purifier for an enhanced portable water filtration and purification system.

NEW! Award Winning, lightweight, compact purifier with newly designed even better features including updated direct connect for popular trail containers, double-action field serviceable pump with no hold time, sealed canister with cover, tote bag, gravity feed and the tried and trusted winning "Structured Matrix" chemical-free purification technology. Fast Flow Rate! More Durable! An environmentally friendly product! Independently certified to EPA Guide standard Protocol for Microbiological Purifiers against Bacteria, Cysts and Viruses!

First Need XL Water Purifier eliminates biological pathogens down to 0.1 microns without the use of chemicals such as iodine or chlorine. It also eliminates environmental toxins in the pathogens, such as pesticides, herbicides, industrial solvents, foul tastes and odors, while leaving beneficial minerals and electrolytes in the water. First Need water purifiers are relied upon by UN and US armed forces in Somalia and elsewhere around the world.

The First Need XL also accomplishes its purification with a single pass through and no guessing about additional settling times. It's the quality portable system chosen and depended upon by the military and professional outdoors people who demand the very best. General Ecology's First Need® XL water filter system removes cysts, bacteria, viruses and viral toxins in a single pass.

Effective against cryptosporidia, bacteria, and viruses
unmatched in removing harmful chemicals
Direct Connect to Nalgene bottles
Sanitary cover to protect outlet
Longer tubing
Rugged comfortable handle


First Need Deluxe Water Purifier Pump
First Need Deluxe Canister
Long non-kink intake hose
Self cleaning pre-filter with adjustable float
Water resistant nylon tote bag (Included)

Quick, Easy & Convenient:

Greater capacity and fastest flow of all Self-cleaning prefilter and gravity assist system. No iodine needed!

No chemicals, hold time, or double pumping required.
First Need Pump: reliable, easy grip, palm molded handle, double action pump, fast flow with less work, field serviceable.
Gravity Assist Kit: hands-free purification without pumping, even with a clogged canister.
First Need Structured Matrix™: sealed Canister requires no brushing, scraping, or contact with contaminants; integral safety cover; backwashable.
Direct Connect™: attaches snugly to many popular trail and bike bottles, including Nalgene.


Removes: Cryptosporidia, giardia, virus, bacteria
Flow rate per minute: 2 quarts
Average capacity: 150 gallons
Particles retention (microns): 0.1 nominal; 0.4 absolute
Temperature: range 32°-145°F (0°-63°C)
Weight: 16 oz
Dimensions: 6.25 x 4.9 x 2.8 in

IMPORTANT NOTE: General Ecology's First Need® microfilter carries a rating down to 0.1 micron, including giardia and cryptosporidia---even finer than public health requirements world wide. This means no waterborne enteric disease bacteria should pass through.