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Cold Fire Extinguisher Rapid Cool Down Spray 13.5 oz. Can

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Product Description

Cold Fire® Extinguisher Rapid Cool Down Spray, 13.5 oz. Can

• 13.5 ounce spray extinguishes flames fast!
• Leaves no residue!
• Fast easy to use spray can design!
• Non toxic and causes less damage than water!
• Perfect for survival, earthquake, hurricane or tornado kits!

Cold Fire® Rapid Cool Down Spray enables the citizen to handle most fires without the intercession of a fire department. Cuts heat, encapsulates the fuel source, cuts hydrocarbon smoke. Non-toxic, no mess, inexpensive. Compliance: Contents and dispensing system EPA-SNAP listed.

For more than a decade now, a product has been on the market that enables super quick and safe quenching of fires of any kind, from grease fires to oil refinery fires to tire fires. There is not a fire it cannot put out -- and it does so much faster and more effectively than any other methods on the market. On top of that, it neutralizes the hydrocarbon particles, drastically cutting the smoke damage and danger that typically accompanies a fire. The smoke turns from black to white; and visibility increases.

What's more, it is non-toxic. As a plant based substance, if you accidentally swallow some, breath its evaporative fumes, or spray it in your eyes, it won't hurt you.

Other remarkable features are that it leaves no residue that has to be cleaned up after the fire is extinguished. It has an indefinite shelf life at temperatures between 32º and 150º F. Freeze-thaw does not effect its stability. It is biodegradable. It is not slippery. It is inexpensive.

Developed from the extraordinary fire-suppressing agent, Cold Fire, this handy 13.5 oz. can should be your first defense in case of fire! It's essential to have in your home, workshop, car or boat to suppresssmall spot fires before they get out of control. Our special can is powered solely by air and will spray in any direction - even upside down! It's lightweight, conveniently sized and easy to handle and operate - especially for children and the elderly. Cold Fire® canned fire extinguisher cool down spray. Because they are aerosol containers they are not rated as fire extinguishers. Used by NHRA track officials to extinguish smaller car fires and the results are always impressive. Cold Fire® Handheld Fire Extinguishers.

Cold Fire® Extinguishes Traditional Firefighting Mindset Enables the citizen to handle most fires without the intercession of a fire department. Cuts heat, encapsulates the fuel source, cuts hydrocarbon smoke. Non-toxic, no mess, inexpensive. Environmentally Friendly.

Cold Fire ® is a plant-based chemical that undergoes an endothermic reaction in the presence of heat, pulling the heat out of a fire. It also encapsulates the fuel source to prevent additional burning. This makes it the best fire extinguisher available. One 13.5 oz. Can.

Why Use Cold Fire®?

UL Listed Wetting Agent for Class A & B Fires
Considered an acceptable subsitute to toxic foams and Halon 1211
Non-Corrosive-product can be dumped directly into booster tank.
No need to flush out lines
Prevents Reignition When Properly Applied
Reduces Density of Hydrocarbon Smoke
No Messy Clean Up
Indefinite Shelf Life

Industries Which Use Cold Fire®:

Federal, State, City & Local FIre, EMS, and Police Departments.
Military/Governmental Entities
Port Authorities
Aviation & Marine Industry
Manufacturing Facilities
Trade Industry - Plumbing, Welding, Roofing
Motorized Racing Industry
Correctional Facilities
Paper & Textile Industry
Mining Industry
Oil Refineries / Petrochemical
Steel Industry