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Fast Shipping!
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Chill-Its® Evaporative Cooling Bandana

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Most orders ship within 24 hours

Product Description

These bandana / headbands provide cool comfort 24 to 48 hours when activated in cold water. Ideal for all warm work, Chill-Its® Body Technologies help workers stay cool, fight fatigue, and increase productivity.

• Ideal for all warm work, evaporative cooling process helps workers stay cool, fight fatigue, and increase productivity.

• Ideal for construction, landscaping, foundries, mining, welders, factories, farming, road crews, boiler rooms, food service, warehouse and delivery, or commercial laundry applications.

• Evaporative cooling process keeps you cool all day, reduces the effects of heat stress, and fights fatigue.
• Lightweight, comfortable cotton construction provides all day comfort anywhere heat slows you down.
• Super absorbent acrylic polymer activates easily and quickly when soaked in cold water 20 minutes.
• Remains hydrated, providing cool comfort for 24 to 48 hours.
• Reusable, just resoak.
• Tie closure for personal fit.

• Sizes: One size fits all

Approximate Dimensions: 32" Length, 2" Width

MFG Model: 6700

Stay Cool all summer long with our line of Cooling products that are designed to provide instant cooling relief and reduce the chance of heat related problems in hot environments. You can even refrigerate them for extra cooling power, or microwave them for 30 seconds for a comforting heat pack. Contents are non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-allergenic and biodegradable. Our Ultra cool products are made from a soft, comfortable fabric that enhances evaporation and cooling. Our line of Cooling Products are a great way to 'air condition' yourself and keep ultracool throughout the summer. When our personal cooling products are warn against the head or neck (where several major arteries run) or the body, ultra cooling sensations are passed to pulse points and carried throughout the body for maximum cooling effects.

Cooling Through the Process of Evaporation, the swollen crystals must lose the water they absorbed. They do so through the process of evaporation, a natural cooling process. Just like we do when we perspire, our cooling products becomes cooler as the water inside slowly evaporates, sucking away heat your body, This is why an activated evaporative cooling product feels cool and can help regulate your body's temperature.