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Fast Shipping!
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Aervoe Super LED Traffic Flare Kit

Regular Price: $119.00
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Most orders ship within 24 hours

Product Description

Description: LED Baton Road Flares are emergency safety flares that replace standard safety wands and incendiary flares. Use of these safety flares reduces the risk of fires, ground water contamination, and batteries in our landfills.

The kit includes 6-single road flare strobes, 120VAC & 12VDC chargers w/interface cords, heavy duty charger base/carry kit.

Features and Specs: Super-bright, round-bodied, pulses circular ring of lights in 8 Flashing Patterns, plus S.O.S. Visible up to 1/2-mile in all directions Waterproof to 50 feet: use it submerged, and it floats NO batteries or bulbs to replace Very durable, crushproof, corrosion-proof and is meant for use on the highway, in marine environments, and aviation applications (HELO LZ markers, taxiway paths, construction on-field marker, etc.) NOT A FIRE HAZARD OR PERCHLORATE FUME HAZARD and is meant to replace fuse flares Commercial vehicles now carrying HAZ Cargo now can have a FLARE on hand