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Fast Shipping!
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Military Grade 100 Mile an Hour Duct Tape 2 Inch x 60 Yard Roll

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Product Description

This is it! The military fix-all! "100 Mile An Hour" Duct Tape. has been used to seal bullet holes on military aircraft before repairs could be made. 2" wide by 60 yards long roll of duct tape. Colored Military quality duct tape.

Available in the following colors:

O.D. Green
Desert Tan

Duct Tape can be one of the most essential survival items in an emergency situation. Every survival kit for home, business and auto should include at least one roll. The Department of Homeland Security recommends duct tape and plastic to protect from radioactive and chemical partical fallout! Great product to assemble an improvised survival shelter!

A roll of duct tape in the wilderness can be a lifesaver. Repair boots, make a belt, rope, fix backpacks, repair tents, lash togeter floating material, make a hat, shelter, carry handle, make a coat, etc, etc.

Even before it became an emergency must-have, you were stuck on this stuff The Department of Homeland Security urged consumers to stock up on it before the Iraqi war. Michael Moore mentioned it in his Oscar speech. Good Housekeeping even recently recommended duct tape for removing warts (just cut the tape to size and keep covered until the wart is gone).

Duct Tape has always been a secret weapon. Long before it was dubbed the “Handyman’s Secret Weapon,” duct tape was used as a tear-by-hand mending material to keep moisture out of World War II ammunition boxes. Duct tape got its official name in the 1950s when it was commonly used to secure duct work for forced furnaces. Since then, its versatility and your creativity have made it the cure-all for lots of everyday problems. Check out some of the creative uses we've seen for duct tape!

Apollo 13 astronauts used it for repairs and the Apollo 17 astronauts to keep dust off the lunar rover’s fenders; it is now policy to have a roll on every space shuttle mission.

Used on windows in Florida and Texas to keep the glass from shattering during hurricanes.

Replace worn webbing on lawn furniture with regular or coloured duct tape.

Patch a leaky canoe until you get back to the shore.
Wrap pieces around your fingers to protect your skin when working with interlocking brick or stone.
Make fashion statements: wallet, purse, belt, tie, hat, umbrella with a matching raincoat.

Temporarily seal leaky rad hoses in your car until you can get to a mechanic.

Patch leaky rain gutters until you can get them replaced.

Skip the body filler, use duct tape

Secure wires as gaffer’s tape.

Secure items for transportation home from your local building center.

Use it instead of nuts, bolts, glue, staples, propane torch, and solder, “Spare the duct tape, spoil the job.” Each user should determine the suitability of the tape for the intended use.